Purchase-frequency coupon campaign

Create customer segments based on order history.
Launch multiple discount campaigns based on the total order amount or orders count.
Launch multiple automatic email distributions to the selected segments.

If you need to create campaigns in bulk, instead of using the Dashboard you can do so via the API.

Purchase frequency coupon

By releasing several coupon campaigns based on total order amount or order count, you can keep customers engaged throughout more extended periods. For example, offer 5$ off for new customers, 10$ off for the 2nd order, and 40$ off for the 3rd order above 69.99$. This way, customers will be more likely to return and make another purchase at your store.

To model such redemption limits, it is recommended to divide your audience into segments beforehand. Please visit the Customers tab to perform the segmentation. Note that at this point, you should have already uploaded your customers' data into Voucherify via API, CSV import, manually, or CRM integration (e.g., Salesforce). 

Create customer segments

We are going to create three segments based on the order count. 

1) New Customers – 0 orders made.

2) Standard Customers – 1 order made. 

3) Premium Customers – 2 orders made or more. 

Choose an auto-update segment to make sure that new customers can join the segment in the future. 

customer segment

Ready Customer Segments

When you have three customer segments ready, we are ready to move on to launch three discount campaigns aimed at particular segments.

Run multiple coupon campaigns

Please follow this tutorial for a step-by-step guide on creating the bulk of unique codes.

Creating new campaigns

Let's model three discount campaigns with the following properties:

1) Discount value: 5$, 10$, and 40$ off. 

2) Redemption rules: New Customer Segment, 2nd order, and 3rd order above 69.99$. 

Open the Campaign Manager and create a bulk of unique codes. Provide the general details first, such as name, timeframe, redemption limits, code pattern, and more. 

In the 3rd step, choose the discount value and model desired validation rules. 

New customer segment

To protect the campaign ROI, you may attach additional rules to the coupon like minimal order amount or target vouchers at specific products.

Create two more campaigns for Standard and Premium Members. Keep in mind that the discount campaign for 40$ off is based not only on the customer segment but also on the minimum order value (69.99$).

minimum order volume

Save the campaigns and move on to the Distribution Manager.

Run automatic distribution

Launch automatic distribution or assign codes to customer profiles automatically via Publish API. This way, all customers who enter the given segment will receive a discount code for the next order, redeemable only once and under predefined conditions. 

Please, follow this article for more information about delivering codes to customers. 

Creating new distribution

The automatic distribution should be triggered by new customers joining a predefined segment. Next, title and design your message. 

You can choose between multiple channels such as SMS, email, webhooks, or 3rd party integrations (e.g., MailChimp, Intercom).

Confirm the distribution with Set Live. Repeat these steps for two remaining distributions to deliver codes from previously created campaigns to customers from the Standard and Premium segments. 

Don't forget to visit our Help Center to learn more about other Voucherify features.