Flash sale

Upload products into Voucherify via API or manually.
Create a campaign with a discount coupon for 20% with a short expiration date.
Add product-based validation rules to the campaign.
Launch manual email distribution to all customers.

Flash sale diagram

Flash sales can be run as unique codes or fixed public code available for all customers.

Upload products

First, upload your products to Voucherify. You can do it in two ways: manually or via API. Go to the Products tab to define the name, source ID, and price of your products. Besides, you can set up product attributes that can be used to build product variations (SKUs) and add a product image. 

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your products ID as metadata in the API calls.

New Product

If you would like to build a flash sale based on a specific product variant, create a product SKU in the next step. If not, save the product and move on to build a coupon campaign. 

Create a coupon campaign

New Discount Campaign

Begin by naming your campaign, creating a code pattern, and establishing general redemption limits of a single code (once, X number of time, unlimited).

Code Pattern

In the next step, decide the time frame of your campaign. This step is crucial as flash sales revolve around proper timing. You can set multiple time limits on your coupon codes:

  • Start and expiration date.
  • Coupon codes are valid only in a particular timeframe (e.g., for 3 hours every day).
  • Coupon codes are valid only on selected days of the week. 
  • Coupon codes are valid only after X number of days after publication (e.g., a customer has 2 days to redeem the code after getting it in the mailbox).

Flash Sale Timeframe

Next, choose the type and value of the discount.

Flash sales value

In the case of percentage discounts, you can set up the total discounted amount to protect your margins.

Add validation rules

In the next step, set validation rules based on products in the cart. In order to be eligible for the discount, a customer has to have the New Product in the cart.

New product

You can also decide that if customers have more items in the cart, the discount will be applied only to selected products and not the whole order. This type of redemption limit is essential especially in the case of percentage discounts.

Move on to deliver codes to the customers. Voucherify offers multiple ways of sending codes to customers and an API endpoint for assigning codes to specific customer profiles. To deliver codes to customers, you can use a built-in messaging mechanism or 3rd party integrations.

Send codes to customers

Let's send a manual message with unique codes for the Flash Sale Campaign and send it to all customers via email. 

Flash Sale Distribution

Please visit this post to learn more about Distribution.

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