Coupon campaign based on payment method [metadata]

Create redemption metadata based on payment_method.
Create a new validation rule based on the payment_method redemption metadata.
Launch a coupon campaign with payment_method validation rule.

payment method diagram

Add metadata

In order to start, visit your Project Settings section to create metadata.

If the concept of metadata in Voucherify is new to you, please refer to this article to learn more.

New metadata

Add metadata (i.e. custom data) to the redemption object. Call it payment_method.

Adding new redemption metadata

Click Add new definition and fill in the details of the metadata you want to create:

1) Property name – e.g., payment_method.

2) Type – e.g., string.

3) The string has to be equal to any of these values – e.g., Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or wire transfer.

You may set the metadata as optional or mandatory. Making it mandatory means that each redemption request would need to be accompanied by the payment_method data. If you want to make this property non-mandatory, uncheck the Mandatory box.

Confirm the metadata creation with Save.

Build validation rules

In the next step, create a validation rule (eligibility rule) that is going to limit our incentives only to customers who are paying with Visa.

In order to start, go to the Validation Rules tab from your Dashboard and hit plus to create a new rule.

Validation Rule

Start with naming your validation rule so that it will be easier to find it and re-use it in the future.

Go to the Advanced and select Redemption metadata satisfy as your validation rule. Next, fill in the details by providing property name, condition, and value.

Confirm with Add and Save. Now, we need to use it in one of your campaigns.

Launch a coupon campaign

To create a new campaign, go to the Campaigns tab, and hit plus. Then, select Discount Coupons as your campaign type.

You will be able to select eligibility criteria in the third step of the Campaign Manager.

In the third step, you will be able to either use already created validation rules or create new ones on the spot.

Val rules

As we have already created a payment_method validation rule in the previous step, all we have to do now is to select it from the dropdown menu and go to the next step.

You are going to see the validation rule in the summary of your campaign.