Charity loyalty program

The main goal of a charity loyalty program is to allow customers to help those in need by making a purchase. Voucherify can support this kind of program by creating special charity gift cards and allowing the customers to decide which initiative they would like to donate money toπŸ’š

Note that Voucherify is not responsible for the program end-to-end (as it is not connected to any charities). What Voucherify can help you achieve is gamification (points calculation) and up-to-date information on charities your customers would like to support.

What are we going to do?πŸ€”
  • Add products to Voucherify [charity events].
  • Launch a loyalty program with different charity events as rewards.

Charity Loyalty Program

Add products [charity events] to Voucherify πŸ˜‡

Go here for a detailed tutorial on adding and working with products in Voucherify.

To add a new product, go to the Products tab and hit plus to create a new product βž•

Start by naming your product, providing its source id and price.

Water Initiative - Charity Loyalty Program

In the second step, you can provide product attribute which is essential in creating different variants (SKUs) of the same product. For the purpose of this tutorial, we do not need this feature, but you can learn more about SKUs here.

The third step of product creation is adding optional metadata. Go here to learn more.  

Save your product and create three more charity events β¬‡οΈ

US Veterans - Charity Loyalty Program

Animal Rescue - Charity Loyalty Program

Books Event - Charity Loyalty Program

After saving the products, proceed to create a charity loyalty program βž‘️

Create a Charity Loyalty Program πŸ’š

To launch a loyalty campaign, go to the Campaigns tab β†’ Create a new Campaign (plus) β†’ Loyalty Program.

First, name your program and establish optional time limitations to your campaign β°

Here, you can also state how many loyalty cards you'd like to generate, play around with the code pattern and establish whether your customers should join the program automatically once they meet the loyalty program criteria. 

Loyalty Program Details

Proceed to the 2nd step - creating earning rules, i.e. rules that clarify for which actions customers are going to receive loyalty points. 

Earning rules can be based on three events: custom event, customer entering a segment and order paid

In this tutorial, order paid is going to act as a trigger. 

We are going to create three triggers β¬‡οΈ

  • Order between $100 and $200 - 20 loyalty points
  • Order between $200 and $300 - 50 loyalty points
  • Order above $300 - 70 loyalty points

Fist name your earning rule and establish how many points a customer should receive for performing the given action. 

Earning Rules

Then establish validation rules based on order volume:

Val rules for charity loyalty program

Create two more triggers in the same manner and then proceed to to the next step. 

In the 3rd step, you will be asked to set the rewards πŸ† You can choose between different campaigns and offer gift cards/discounts as rewards or offer products (charity initiatives) that we've added in the previous step. 

Rewards for charity loyalty program

After adding all of the rewards, you should see them in the Rewards Catalog:

Rewards Catalog - charity loyalty

In the next step you can design notifications to send loyalty codes to customers, inform them about loyalty points gained and about redeemed rewards. This step is optional, but recommended as it allows your customers to easily track their progress with the loyalty program πŸ“ͺ

Good job, you've just released a charity loyalty program. When you distribute the loyalty codes to first customers, Voucherify will automatically create their individual cockpits where customer can see their points, rewards and other campaigns that you're running. 

Customer cockpit

Visit our blog to learn more about customer loyalty βœοΈ

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