Free Shipping Promotion

Upload products into Voucherify via a CSV file.
Launch a cart promotion with one tier based on the cart content. 
Use free shipping as an incentive.
Add product-based validation rules.

Free shipping diagram

This type of campaign can work both as a cart promotion and bulk codes campaign. Keep in mind that by launching a bulk codes campaign, you need to assign codes to customer profiles via Distribution or Publish API. In the case of cart promotion, no discount codes are generated, and the discount is applied automatically if the visitor matches the predefined criteria.

Upload products

To start, upload your products to Voucherify. You can do it in two ways: manually or via API. Define the name, source ID, and price of your products. Besides, you can set up product attributes that can be used to build product variations (SKUs). 

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your products ID as metadata in the API calls.

Adding a New Product

If the customer has Red Roses in his/her cart, the cart promotion with free shipping will be activated for his/her profile. Save the product and move on to creating a cart promotion. 

Launch a cart promotions

Start by filling in the promotion details – name and timeframe. If no end date is provided, the promotion will run indefinitely.

Next, create discount levels. For this particular workflow, we need only one level. Define level name and banner that is going to be displayed to customers visiting your store. Note that your app has to be integrated with Voucherify to manage cart promotion and respond dynamically to customer behavior.

Use free shipping as an incentive

Next, choose Free Shipping and define validation rules that model when the discount should be applied to customer order – if the cart included Red Roses and when the total order amount exceeds 49.99$. 

Free Shipping discount

Build validation rules

Here are the validation rules (redemption limits) that you should use in this example:

contains prodiucts

total amount

You can optionally add metadata to the given tier and to the campaign. 

Also, if you create more than one promotion level, you can decide on the promotions hierarchy in the 3rd step.

If you run a Shopify store, Voucherify free shipping codes are going to automatically work in your storefront after the installation of the Voucherify plugin.

Save the campaign and it's ready. With your shop/app integrated with Voucherify, you can easily monitor both successful and failed redemption attempts.