One-sided referral program

Voucherify allows you to launch both advanced, multi-level referral campaigns and less complex one-sided campaigns. 

If you want to launch a simple one-sided referral program with rewards only for the referrer, you've come to the right place 👍

What are we going to do? 🤔

  • Launch a one-sided referral program with gift card points* as a reward for a referrer and with several tiers. 

* You don't have to launch a separate gift card campaign as Voucherify offers built-in gift cards available for all customers in Voucherify.

Launch a referral program 💬

Before launching your referral program, you may want to learn the basics of running an effective referral campaign.

To launch a referral program, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a Campaign (plus) → Referral codes.

First, name your campaign. Here, you can also state how many codes you'd like to generate and whether your campaign should run in an auto-update mode which will ensure that new codes will be generated if you run out of the original referral codes.

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign

Also, you may set the optional code redemption limit which in case of referral campaigns is set to unlimited by default.

Finally, you may customize the code pattern

Referral program size - one-sided

Next, establish the timeframe of your campaign. If you do not select the end date of your campaign, it is going to run forever and would have to be stopped manually. 

Go here to learn more about time and campaigns in Voucherify

Remember that time limits can motivate your referrers with a sense of urgency 💡

Campaign timeframe - referral one-sided

The 3rd step is crucial as it is here where you are going to define the workflow of your campaign (the conversion event and type).

Our conversion event (event triggering a referral reward) is going to be a new customer (referee redeeming the referral code) 🧑

As stated before, we want to rewards only the referrers hence the single-sided referral program is our choice.  

Choosing incentive workflow - referral campaign

The 4th step (Referee Rewards) is going to block you from choosing any rewards because of the single-sided referral campaign that you've chosen but you can model the desired redemption circumstances, e.g. state that only customers from a given customer segment can redeem code and therefore become the referees. 

As we're launching a simple campaign, we are only going to establish only one validation rule - code will be redeemable only once per customer 🔒

Referee rewards validation rules

In the next step, you will be asked to design the rewards for referrers. You may create just one tier, such as 10 gift card credits for each referral code redemption; or launch a more gamified program, e.g. 10 points for 1 redemption, 25 points for two, and 50 for 3. 

We want to show you how to recreate the latter using tiers 📶

1. First, name your tier and define rewarding criteria - in order to get the reward prescribed for this tier, a referrer's code has to be redeemed once. 

Here you can also add custom filters to limit who a referee is in your program, e.g. you can launch this program only for Canadian customers or customers who joined your brand in May 🤓

Tier details referral campaign

2. Next, define the reward. We want to add credits to gift card balance. As you can see, we didn't have to create a new campaign for gift cards. Why? Because Voucherify comes with a Predefined Gift Cards campaign which is automatically assigned to all your customers in Voucherify 💳

Reward for referrer 0 gift card points

3. Finally, you can create notifications to customers about each referral tier they've achieved ✉️ This is an optional step but we highly recommend creating notifications to let your customers track their progress effortlessly. 

You can choose between a simple email, MailChimp email or HTTP callouts. 

Referral notifications

Here's an example of an email notification that you can create ⬇️

Notification email for referral campaign

This tutorial is not going to show the distribution of referral codes. If you want to learn more about messaging and Voucherify, go here. 💡

Repeat this step for 2 other tiers:

  • Tier 2: Two redemptions - 25 points
  • Tier 3: Three redemptions - 50 points

Tiers fo the referral program

In the 6th step, you can optionally add metadata for improved tracking and integration 🔍

The final step of the campaign creator is the summary view of the campaign. Make sure that the campaign workflow suits your needs. 

Referral Campaign summary view

Save your campaign ✅

Well done🎉You've just created a one-sided multi-tier referral program with notifications. 

Please visit our Help Center to learn more about Voucherify and its features 🤓

Visit our blog to learn more about referral programs ✍️

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