Landing page for a photo contest on your own domain

Set up a custom domain to host a landing page.
Add image metadata to use it later on in the form of our landing page.
Design the landing page for the photo contest.
Connect the landing page to the new domain.

Landing page diagram

If you would like to launch a landing page on the custom domain, you are going to need an SSL Certificate.

Add custom domain

To start, visit your Project Settings and go to the Custom Domains tab.

In order to add a new domain, you will need several things: a domain name, private key, certificate, and a certificate chain.

custom domain

After providing these details, proceed to set up the DNS Configuration (first download it) to allow users to find your domain and establish the target resource of your landing page (i.e. what should the landing page show).

Configuring own domain

If you've come across any obstacles during the process, contact your IT Department or get back directly to our support team.

Add metadata

Metadata lets you extend Voucherify with custom fields so that you can freely customize your campaigns. 

In order to add new metadata, go to Project Settings → Metadata Schema → Publication or Customer tab → Add new definition.

Name the new property ( photo) and choose its type (image URL).

Click Add Property Definition and hit Save to confirm.

new metadata

Design a landing page

Visit this tutorial to learn more about creating landing pages in Voucherify.

Go to Landing Pages tab → Create a Landing Page (plus).

Select the template that you'd like to use. Let's go with Collect Subscribers.

Choosing the landing page template

Start designing your page. 

After designing the logo and banner, move on to the Form Section and then Fields to add a new field image to our form.

Landing Page Form section

Here, you can also remove fields that are not needed for participation in your contest, such as address or make some fields mandatory or optional.

Adding a new field for image

Let's add photo metadata that we've created in the previous step and let's make it mandatory because we don't want users joining our program without uploading a photo.

Photo field in the form

Finish designing the landing page by modifying social follows CTAs and marketing permissions.

Then Save. Exit to confirm the landing page creation.

Connect the landing page with your custom domain

Now let's connect it with our custom domain.

Go to Details → Releases → Publish.

Publishing landing page

Type in your desired alias and hit Launch.

New landing page on custom domain

This is what you'll see when you are going to upload your photo.

Photo Upload

Note that uploaded images should not be bigger than 15 MB.

After the upload is finished you are going to receive a notification about either successful or failed upload.