Order paid coupon

Encourage customers to revisit your store by offering them an attractive discount for making a purchase 🛍️

If a client has made a purchase, send him/her an automatic discount to seize the opportunity and use the Shopping Momentum to your advantage.

Discount for making a purchase

What are we going to do? 🤔

  • Create a unique coupon campaign for 10% off orders above $150, redeemable once per customer. 
  • Launch an automatic distribution for all customers triggered by an event [order has been paid].
  • Design a visually-stunning email using Voucherify editor.

Create a Campaign 🛒

To create a campaign, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a Campaign (plus) → Bulk codes campaign.

Bulk codes campaign

Shopping Craze

Next, define the name of your campaign. Here, you can also determine how many vouchers you'd like to generate and customise the code pattern.

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

💡 We highly recommend checking the Auto-Update box to make sure that Voucherify will automatically extend your campaign with new vouchers if you run out of codes.

In the next step define the timeframe of your campaign. Go here to learn more on how to create time-sensitive vouchers

Bulk codes campaign timeframe

The next step of the coupon creation process is crucial as it is here where we're going to establish the type and value of your discount.  In addition, it is here where you can set up proper validation rules to model the desired coupon redemption circumstances. 

Discount value

Move on to set up proper validation rules:

  • an order has to be equal or above $150 for the coupon to be valid,
  • the coupon is redeemable only once per each customer - a great measure to protect your campaign against coupon fraud 🦹

Discount coupon - validation rules

💡 Validation rules are a great way to customize your campaign and protect yourself from coupon misuse. Visit this page to learn more about them and about the customisation possibilities they offer.

Name your validation rule to use it in the future campaigns and hit SAVE ✅

The last step is to optionally add metadata to your campaign for improved reporting and tracking. Go here if you'd like to learn more

Well done👍Now, let us proceed with code distribution. 

Launching Automatic Distribution 📮

To create a distribution, go to the Distributions tab → Create Distribution (plus).

Choose Auto Messages as we'd like to target all customers who performed an action (triggered event) - in our case, it's making an order. 

Go here to learn more about the differences between automatic and manual distribution 💡

Distribution for discount

Next, select the purpose of the distribution. We want to send unique codes from the campaign that we've created in the previous s Shopping craze").

Purpose of distribution

Next, select what event should trigger the message send-out. For the purpose of our campaign, choose " order has been paid", but note that you can create a number of different workflows using this feature. 

Also, notice that you should segment your audience based on marketing permissions which you can create in Voucherify to make sure that all your correspondence takes place in accordance with GDPR and other private data-related policies🔒

Go here to learn more about Voucherify and data security 💡

Choosing distribution audience

In the 4th step, title your message - make it catchy or use emojis to catch your customers' attention.

In the 5th step choose your distribution channel (email) and design your message. 

You can choose between the default template and a configurable flyer with more customization options, such as colors, CTAs, social media buttons, and more. 

Go here if you'd like to learn more about the Distribution Manager. 

Distribution- designing email with discount

Here's an example of an email message you can create:

Exemplary email

Confirm the distribution with SET LIVE and enjoy more repeat sales 🥰

Please visit our Help Center to learn more about Voucherify and its features 🤓

Don't forget to visit our blog to learn more about incentive marketing ✍️

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