BOGO promotion [different SKUs]


Add a product to Voucherify.


Create two variations [SKUs] of the product.


Launch a coupon campaign.


Add order-based validation rules.

Bogo promotion diagram

We are going to create an SKU-based BOGO campaign – if a customer purchased a scrunchie in any color and his/her order is worth more than 49.99$, then another blue scrunchie will be added to the order. If a customer already has a blue scrunchie in the cart, the free item will still be added.

Add a new product 

To add a product go to the Products tab → Create a product.

The first step is to provide details of the product that you'd like to add – name, source id, price, attributes, and an image (optional).

SKU-based Bogo campaign with scrunchies

Product attributes allow you to create different variations of the same product. We want to create three variations of the same scrunchie based on color – that's why we named our attribute "color." You can create different attributes, e.g., if you offer t-shirts, you can create an attribute "size" and later on create different SKUs – S t-shirt, M t-shirt, XL t-shirt, etc. 

Create SKUs

In the next step, create SKUs. 

Create a new SKU

Provide the name, source id, price, image (optional), and an attribute of the SKU. Let's create three SKUs – for black, blue, and yellow scrunchies. Click the Next Step button to proceed. 

In the last step of adding a new product, you may add optional metadata to customize the product even more. For instance, you can add selected products to product categories. 

Launch a coupon campaign

Save the product to confirm and move on to create a coupon campaign. 

To launch a campaign, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a campaign (plus) → Discount coupons → Bulk Codes (default). 

Bulk codes campaign

Start by providing some general details on your campaign – name, voucher count, code pattern, and timeframe (optional)

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

SKU-based Bogo campaign

In the next step (3rd), select the type and value of your discount. 

BOGO Unit discount

  • Unit value – how many free items should be added to the order. 
  • Unit type – name of the free product that you want to add to the order. 
  • Discount effect:
    • Always add order items – no matter if the customer has the blue scrunchie in the cart already, it will always be added.
    • Add missing items to match total discount units count – if a customer already has a blue scrunchie in the cart in the number defined in the unit value (1), no new item will be added.

In this case, even if a customer already purchased a blue scrunchie, another one will be added to the order. 

Add validation rules

In the next step, you should establish proper validation rules to launch a BOGO campaign.

The customer needs to have at least one scrunchie in the cart (any SKU) and the order has to exceed 49.99$ to receive a blue scrunchie for free. 

To create this kind of campaign, you need to switch to the advanced validation rules builder. 

advanced val rules builder

Here are the validation rules that you should use:

Validation rules 2

Visit this article to learn more about validation rules.

Move on to the next step to add optional metadata and save your campaign after seeing the summary in the last step.

Now, all that's left is to send unique codes to your customers and inform them about your discount. Go here to learn how to do that.

Here is an example of a paid order with the use of the SKU-based BOGO code.

Order paid

Here is a snippet of a successful BOGO code redemption done via API: