Split discount

Add a product [Hydrotherapy Pool Session].
Create a unique gift card campaign with proper validation rules.
Add validation rules.
Send codes to customers.

Split discount diagram

You don’t need to import your product catalog to Voucherify to run product-based campaigns. You can include your products id as metadata in the API calls.

Add a new product

To add a new product, go to the Products tab → Create a product (plus).

First, provide the name, source id, and a price of the item.

Adding new product for a splitted discount

The currency of your campaigns is set per project.

In the next steps, you may optionally add product attributes and metadata. Product attributes and metadata are used to create different variations (SKUs) of the same product. 

Save the product and move on to create a split discount using gift cards.

Create a gift card campaign

To run a new campaign, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a campaign (plus) → Bulk Codes.

Gift voucher campaign

Then proceed with the Creator – name your campaign, play around with the gift card code pattern and establish how many cards you'd like to generate.

Program details

Remember to check the Auto-Update box which ensures that Voucherify will generate additional gift cards if you run out of the original pool of cards.

You may optionally establish time limitations to make cards valid only on particular days or only within a particular timeframe.


The hydrotherapy sessions cost $50, we'd like to offer our customers a $100 gift card to ensure two visits.

Gift credits value

Add validation rules

The 4th step is crucial for creating a split discount. Here where you can establish validation rules – limits that govern code redemptions.

Order structure validation rule for splitted discount

The customer needs to have a Hydrotherapy Session in his/her cart. A discount (gift card) is applicable only to this item. Also, customer cannot get more than one Hydrotherapy Session if he or she wants to use the gift card to purchase it – this way customer has to return to use all gift card credits.

Order volume validation rule for splitted discount

This validation rule guarantees that a customer won't buy anything else with the gift card credits.

Advanced validation rules for splitted discount

This validation rule guarantees security as only the holder of the card will be able to use the card to purchase Hydrotherapy Sessions 

The last step of the campaign is adding optional metadata.

Save the campaign. You've just created a split discount using complex validation rules.

Send codes to customers

Now, all that's left is delivering the cards to your customers via Distribution. 

Go here to learn more about distribution capabilities.