Multi-tier loyalty program

This guide will teach you not only how to roll out a multi-tier loyalty program based on customer's activities, but also how to add and use custom events and material rewards. 

What are we going to do?🤔

  • Create custom events that will be rewarded with points - sign_up (25 points), leave_a_review (50 points), share_social(100 points).
  • Add material rewards to Voucherify - a badge (25 points), glass water bottle (150 points), limited edition company t-shirt (400 points.
  • Set up a multi-tier loyalty program based on custom events and material rewards.

Create custom events 💎

To create a new event, go to the Project Settings â†’ Event Schema â†’ Add Event Definition.

event Schema for loyalty program

Create three events that are going to be the basis for points allocation - sign_up, leave_a_review, and share_social. 

New events for a loyalty program

Now, you need to allow tracking of these events on your website/app. Go here for more information 💡

If you'd like to learn more about custom events and custom behavior-based promotions, go here 🤓

Add Material Rewards 🎁

This scenario is based on material rewards, but Voucherify also supports offering discounts or gift card points as rewards in your loyalty program. Grab some reading on that 💡

To add a new reward, go to the Products section â†’ Create a New Product. 

In the first stage of the new product creation, provide the name of the reward, its source_id used for tracking and its price.

Adding a new product

Next type in the product attribute and metadata. These fields are optional, but crucial if you'd like to create different variants of the same product, e.g. a t-shirt that comes in different sizes. These variants are referred to as SKUs and allow you not only to differentiate between your products but also to launch SKU-specific or metadata-based promotions. Go here to learn more 💡

For the sake of our scenario, we will only create one general version of a product therefore no product attributes nor metadata is necessary.

After saving the product, come back to edit it, if you'd like to add an image or SKUs. 

Edit a product

Repeat these steps for a glass water bottle and limited edition company t-shirt ðŸ”

Added products to the loyalty campaign

Create a Multi-Tier Loyalty Program 🙌

To create a campaign, go to the Campaigns tab → Create a New Campaign (plus) â†’ Loyalty Program

New loyalty program

In the first step of the creator, you will be asked to name your campaign, define optional time limits and validity timeframes. It is also here where you can play around with the loyalty card pattern.

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

First step of loyalty campaign

In the second step you will be asked to set up earning rules - how many points should a customer receive for performing specific actions (custom event, entering a new segment, order paid). In our scenario, customers are rewarded for performing specific actions (custom events) ðŸ’¯

You can make your loyalty program even more customer-specific by introducing validation rules, e.g. only customers from Canada who sign up will receive 25 points. 

Earning rules

Add three earning rules in total by clicking Add Rule:

  • sign up - 25 points
  • leaving a review - 50 points
  • sharing on social media - 100 points

In the third step, you will be asked to create rewards for your loyalty program - now it's the time to use the products (badge, water bottle, t-shirt) that we've uploaded to Voucherify in the previous step.

Rewards catalog

In this section, you need to provide the name and a product. The description and quantity is optional. 

After adding the rewards, you will be asked to state how many points should a customer receive in order to be eligible for a reward.

Rewards catalog for rewards program

Create three rewards in total for respectively a badge (worth 25 points), water bottle (worth 150 points) and a t-shirt (worth 400 points).

Rewards catalog - ready

In the 4th step, you may optionally launch a distribution (notification) to inform your customer about respectively three events: to send a loyalty program sign up code, to let them know about points they've got and about rewards they've received. You can set up different distribution channels for each of these messages. 

You can choose between a number of communication channels, such as SMS, email, web-hooks or integrations: Braze, MailChimp, etc. 

After choosing the channel, you will be able to design your message right on the spot. For instance, take a look at email distribution designer:

Loyalty program distribution manager

You can skip this step and launch distribution separately. Go here to learn more details

In the 5th step, you may provide metadata - custom fields to help with integration and reporting.

The 6th step is the summary of your campaign. At this point, you can still freely edit the rules governing your program. After its creation, modification possibilities will be significantly limited âœ‹

Loyalty Program Summary

After notifying your customers about the program either via notifications or launching new distribution, they will be able to visit their individual customer cockpits to see what rewards are a part of your program and to measure their progress ðŸ“ˆ

Good job! ðŸ¥³You've just created a gamified, multi-tier loyalty program that encourages certain customer behaviors instead of solely purchases. 

If you'd like to learn more about loyalty programs and best practices when launching one, visit our blog âœï¸

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