Abandoned cart coupon

Enable tracking of a particular event on your website or app.
Create a segment that collects customers who performed the given custom event. 
Create a 5% off discount campaign.
Add segment-based validation rules.
Create an automatic distribution which sends a message every time a new customer appears in the segment.

Abandoned cart diagram

Custom Events are actions taken by your customers. Logging a custom event can trigger coupon distribution, and enables customer segmentation filters around the recency and frequency of that event. Note that custom events are controlled by your system. After they take place, your system sends the trigger to Voucherify, but Voucherify does not check whether the event took place.

Track event

In order to create a new event, go to Project Settings – Event Schema and click Add Event Definition.

Creating a new custom event

Name your event cart_abandoned and proceed to enable its tracking on your website/app.

New event - cart abandoned

Create a customer segment

Go to the Customers tab and create a new segment.

The segment is for customers who abandoned the cart. It is also an auto-update segment which means that new customers will be added to this segment each time they perform the action specified in the custom event cart_abandoned.

New customer segment

Click Add and Save to confirm the segment.

Launch a coupon campaign

Go to the Campaigns tab and create a new Bulk Codes Campaign.

Bulk codes campaign

Program General Information

We highly recommend selecting Auto-Update mode which will tell Voucherify to generate new vouchers if you run out of the original vouchers.

Decide on the timeframe of your campaign – start and end date, validity timeframe, and validity counter to increase the urgency of the offer. 


The vouchers are going to be a 5% discount.

5% discount

Build validation rules

In the next step, establish validation rules. Only customers from the "Cart abandoned" segment will be eligible for the discount. Moreover, to protect the promo budget, set up a redemption limit to be once per customer.

customer segment val rules

budhet val rules

Send codes to customers

Save the Campaign and move on to the Distribution. Create a new distribution. 

New distribution

Select Auto Messages to send a coupon each time a new customer joins the "Cart abandoned" segment, i.e. leaves your store without completing the purchase.

Next, select the purpose of your distribution – sending unique codes from Cart abandoned campaign.

The purpose of the campaign

The message send-out is going to be triggered by a new customer entering the "Cart abandoned" segment. Note that if you haven't created a proper segment up until now, Voucherify gives you a possibility to create a new segment on the spot. 

Choosing audience

Remember that you can also divide your audience on the basis of marketing permissions.

Next title and design your email message.

Thanks to the Distribution mechanism or Publish API, one discount code will be assigned to only one customer profile.

Designed message

Now each time a customer leaves a cart without completing the purchase, he/she will be automatically assigned to the "Cart abandoned" segment and sent an email message with a unique, one-time 5% discount code. 

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