Happy Hours campaign with metadata

We've already recreated Uber-style referral program, now it's time to create a happy hours campaign for a taxi business 🚕

What are we going to do?🤔

  • Add metadata to Redemptions.
  • Create a Bulk Codes Campaign with validation rules limiting coupon redemption based on metadata [custom field datetime]
  • Send unique codes to all new customers via email.

Add metadata

Before launching a campaign, we need to add metadata to the redemption property. Why? Because we aim to create a custom redemption timeframe during which the discount codes can actually be redeemed successfully. 

*Metadata allows you to add custom attributes to Voucherify objects. You can use them for customer segment filters, validation rules, and reporting purposes. Go here and here to learn more 💡

What's the plan?
  • Campaign timeframe: 01.10-31.10 ⏰
  • Incentive: 10% discount code


  • Customers have to book the ride between 11 am and 2 pm ☀️
  • Customers have to redeem a coupon between 9 pm and 11 pm 🌙

In order to start, go to Project Setting and Metadata Schema and edit Redemption Metadata ⬇️

Metadata Schema

Let's create a new property. Let's call it booking_time and set date time as its type. Also, mark the field as optional, otherwise, the system will treat it as required in all campaigns within one project. 

adding new redemption metadata

After adding property definition and saving, you should now see booking_type as an optional property that you can use to build custom validation rules to fit your unique campaigns 💙

New Redemption metadata

Create a Campaign 🔧

To begin, go to Campaigns tab, hit plus and create new Bulk Codes Campaign for discount vouchers for 10% off.

Bulk codes campaign

Since this is a tutorial for advanced Voucherify users, we assume that you are familiar with the basics of launching a campaign. If not, follow this tutorial for more details 💡

After filling out the details of your campaign (name, code pattern, number of codes, auto-update mode) go to the 4th step where we should establish certain limits on our campaign and use our brand new redemption metadata ⬇️

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

Limits for campaign

We want out vouchers to be valid from October 1st to October 31st. Also, we want our vouchers to be valid (ready to redeem) only for 2 hours every day, starting from 9 pm ⏰

Next, let's establish validation rules using our custom booking_time metadata. 

We want our customers to book the ride between 11 am and 2 pm (3 hours) to use the code.

advanced val rules

Good job! The campaign is ready - now it's time to deliver our codes to customers ✉️

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