Auto-applied discount for a specific product variation [SKU]

From time to time you may want to base your discounts on the contents of your customer's shopping cart πŸ›’ The contents may be understood as total order amount, total price exceeding certain value or cart containing a specific product. The latter is what we are going to see in practice today πŸ€©

This tutorial will show you how to launch SKU (product variation- specific campaign) to boost sales on particular product variation, in our case raspberry ice cream🍦

Product-specific discount

What are we going to do? πŸ€”

Adding products 🍦

Products can be added to Voucherify manually or via API. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to add a new product via Dashboard

Our company sells ice cream – we are going to add fruit ice cream [product] with two variants: raspberry [SKU] and strawberry [SKU].

To start, go to the Products tab and add a new product with a plus βž•

First, provide your product details (name, source_id, price, attribute) πŸ”

Note: you can change the currency of the campaign in your Projects Settings πŸ’±

Product Details

As you can see our new product doesn't have any SKUs, i.e. variants. We want to create two versions of our fruit ice cream - raspberry and strawberry flavors πŸ¦

Sku - strawberry icecream

Note that only SKU name is mandatory, the remaining fields may remain empty - they are going to have the same attributes as the main product.

Hit Save to confirm your ice cream variants. 

Now, Ice Cream comes in two SKUs - raspberry and strawberry one πŸ˜

2 SKUs of the ice cream

Creating a promotion πŸ”§

Go to the Campaigns tab, hit plus and choose Promotion as the type of your campaign βž•


First, provide some general details on your campaign, such as name and timeframe (optional) πŸ”

Go here to find some inspiration for naming your campaign.

Promotion details

Next, establish discount levels - in our example, we are going to create only 1 level of promotion. Go here to learn more about multi-tiered promotions πŸ’‘

Here you have to decide what type of discount (amount, percentage, unit) you'd like to offer and what message should be displayed to customers whose carts meet the promotion criteria πŸ›’

Creating tiers

Next, establish the criteria for a discount - without this step, all customers are going to receive a discount. 

We want our 20% discount to be available only for those customers who decided to buy ice cream. But not just any ice cream - the raspberry variant that we've created in the previous step. 

Establishing Promotion Rules

Here you may also establish different validation rules and metadata πŸ’‘

The last step in a summary of your campaign. Confirm the Campaign with SAVE and that's it! πŸŽ‰

Cart-level promotion summary

Don't forget to visit our Help Center to learn more about features that Voucherify offers πŸ’‘

Also, check out our blog βœοΈ

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