Fixed Christmas code

Create a fixed code with a custom code format.
Set validation rules based on the order amount. 
Create a customer segment for all customers.
Launch manual email distribution to all customers.

Christmas code diagram

Launch a fixed code campaign

To create your code, go to the Campaigns tab and hit Plus. Then choose Standalone Code as your campaign type. 

Standalone codes are multi-use codes that can be redeemed multiple times and can be shared via multiple channels such as email campaigns, web banners, or social media. 

Standalone code

Then provide some general details on the campaign – description, category, code redemption limit (if any), and a code pattern. 

You can ask Voucherify to generate a random code for you or create a custom code tailored to the occasion.

Christmas 2019 campaign info

By grouping fixed codes into categories, you get an excellent tool to monitor which campaigns are bringing the biggest ROI.

The Christmas code will be valid only between December 20th and December 29th. You can define the coupon validity timeframe in the 2nd step.

Besides selecting the start and end date of the campaign, you can also select specific days when the coupon will be active or make the code active only in a selected timeframe (e.g., every Friday between 6 and 8 pm).

Campaign timeframe

Define validation rules

The next step is crucial – here you are going to set the type and value of your vouchers and define redemption limitations:

  • the code will be redeemable once per customer,
  • the code will be valid only for orders above 150$.

    Code Value
    Validation rules

    In the last step, you can add some additional information using metadata.

  • Launch a distribution

    Now that you've created the code, you need to let your customers know about it. You can use a number of different channels, such as SMS, email, live chat, social media, print, 3rd party apps, etc. For the sake of this guide, choose a manual email message.

    To begin, go to the Distributions tab and create a new distribution by clicking plus.

    Distribution Manager

    Select a manual message. You can also make it automatic if you want to send the code to customers who joined your brand while the campaign is running. Then, you would need to create a special segment for such customers and each new user entering the segment would trigger the message send-out. 

    The purpose of your message is to send your code. Send the message without coupons as you do not have any unique codes for particular customers, but one public voucher. Now, choose your audience.

    Create a segment

    If you haven't created any customer segments yet, go here to learn how to do it.

    To create a new customer segment, go to the Customers tab, name your new segment, and select what criteria customers should meet to be included in the given segment. We decided to create a segment called "All Customers" with a criterion that the created date can have any value meaning that all your customers are going to receive your message.

    Customer Segment

    Send your message to the customer segment "All customers". You can also group your customers by marketing permissions.

    In the next step, title your message. 

    Title your message

    Finally, select your channel and design your mail. Keep in mind that you can combine multiple channels and send the code via SMS, email, and push notifications in your app. 

    Select Distribution Channel

    • Use the Preview Option to make sure that the email is going to look the way you want it to.
    • Use variables to include codes, customer name, and other unique customer attributes in your message to make it feel more personal.
    • Try adding an image or play with colors to make sure that your email stands out.
    • Optionally create email reminders to notify your customers about unredeemed vouchers. 

    Note: All emails are going to be sent via Voucherify by default, but you can also use your own custom domain as an email provider. 

    Here's an example of an email that you can create. Make sure to include your fixed code in the message and wish your customers Merry Christmas.

    Christmas code email

    Confirm the distribution with Send (manual message) or Set Live (automatic distribution).

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